How to Promote Your App & Get More Downloads

How to Promote Your App & Get More Downloads

A mobile app for your business is a must.  Your customer has their phone at their fingertips practically day and night.  However, there is nothing worse than spending the time and money on your brand new app that doesn’t get downloaded.  Please don’t let that happen in your case!

Companies often think that they won’t have to truly promote their new app because it’s so awesome, fabulous and exciting.  (So they think…)  On the contrary, you have to market your new app if you want to see a large number of downloads.

Check out these tips to help promote your app and get more downloads:

  1. Market your app in advance

Don’t get so excited about your new, savvy mobile app that you put the cart before the horse.  Take your time and market your app before you launch.  Create an air of expectancy and excitement amongst your customers.

Your goal is to get word out and have people on their edge of their seat waiting for your mobile app’s release.

  1. Offer a freebie

Free sells!  Everyone likes something for nothing.  Figure out a way to offer a freebie or great discount for your product with each app download.  What about a coupon code, loyalty program, free report, etc…?  Get creative and provide a freebie to ensure more downloads. You could offer some exclusive mobile app only content, giveaways, offers, contests, etc…

Also, over time if you need a boost in downloads then give another promotional code or freebie to get extra downloads in the works.

  1. Think social media central!

Blog, tweet, pin and share your app info to the masses.  Be sure that your app download is talked about on every social media account you have.  The goal is to shout your app news to as many people that you can! Always add value to your app users and get them talking about it often.

  1. Market, Market, Market

You pre-marketed this app.  Right?  Good, you were listening…  Now keep on marketing.  My motto is to tell your customer what you’re going to do, then do it and then tell them that you did it.

You must market, market and market it again!  Constantly remind your customer what you’ve done for them lately. Put download links everywhere. You can even add a mobile app tab download link on your facebook page. Mention it on phone calls, emails, business cards, newsletters, blogs, etc… you should always promote your app.

Mobile apps are here to stay and every company should have one to engage their customers and promote their business.  Brainstorm as a team and figure out the best ways to heavily market your app and watch your download numbers increase.

May The App Be With You!  

Don’t have an app yet for your business? Don’t delay!  Get a mobile app and be sure that you educate your clients on how to use it so that they will be in better communication with you.

Contact us today to have a customized mobile app created for you.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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Written by Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide.

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