Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

Bundle & Save!
Bundle & Save!

When you think of your company’s NEW mobile app, you should also think marketing, marketing, marketing.  It is essential to continuously market and promote your app to your customers and as a way to find new ones too.

What is the point of having an app that no one notices?  Often companies will create an app and then it falls by the wayside and they think it didn’t “work.”  Maybe that is the case but maybe you just missed the mark when it comes to promotion!

Check out these ways to promote your mobile app: 

  1. Page(s) on your website

Be sure to heavily promote your app on its own personal page on your website.  There should be a special section to showcase the app’s picture and pertinent info/stats.  Also, don’t forget to tell them all the reasons they MUST download the app.

Consider adding a button, header or “slide-in” infographic that will help to further advertise your mobile app.

In addition, you can use a program like HelloBar that appears on your website with a download link to the app store or webpage where your app is located. See it here on my website. Click here

    2. Create a FREE website for your app

If you don’t want to tweak your current website, then consider creating a secondary, inexpensive or free one just for your mobile app.  Don’t forget to link it to your current website. Be sure to get the word out there!

    3.Offer a webinar

Host a webinar and market it to your newsletter & blog customers and on social media.  Make it free to attend, advertise your app and have a drawing for some sort of freebie gift to one attendee.  You’ll get traffic to your site and you’ll promote good-will by educating your customers and offering something for free.

    4. Utilize social media

You want to embrace all the social media traffic that you can find.  Get the word out and ask people to share it for you.  Social media has the capacity to go viral.  Figure out a campaign for Twitter, Facebook, & linkedin and heavily promote your mobile app.

Your latest and greatest app may be just awesome.  However, if you do not promote it, then it will not succeed and get the download numbers you would hope.  Be daring, unconventional and get out there with your mobile app.

May The App Be With You!  

Don’t have an app yet for your business? Don’t delay!  Get a mobile app and be sure that you educate your clients on how to use it so that they will be in better communication with you.

Contact us today to have a customized mobile app created for you. Gary@MayTheAppBeWithYou.com

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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Written by Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide.

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